quiet city


Bill, 18:25: #

I got my new camera. I also redesigned my site. Things are good. I am applying Early Decision to Fairfield University in CT.


aryn, 17:06: #

now that louis is *gone* (for how long, who knows?) the city actually is quiet.

louis' "i'm leaving" note reminds me of one of mine. all the luck, louis.


Bill, 17:06: #

I am having a very good summer. I have been at Joslin Diabetes Camp, and although I miss my friends greatly I wouldn't give it up for the world. Joslin is a camp for boys with diabetes; other than that it is a normal summer camp. It is Harvard affiliated, and very well funded. We have satellite net access, a radio station, and lots of other very cool extras that most places do not have. It sounds corny, but it is kind of cool that we have a 1:1 staff to camper ratio, and that most of the staff have diabetes. Everyone understands everything that I do daily. Every week we have a dance with the Clara Barton Camp which is a camp for girls with diabetes. Last week Olympic Gold Medalist Gary Hall Jr. came to camp. He is a cool guy who has won 8 medals, and also happens to be diabetic. I look forward to returning home on August 20th, but until then I am loving it here.
The other day I ordered myself a Sony DSC-707 Camera like Josh has. It is a 5 Megapixel beauty, and I wait with baited breath for it to arrive. I hope all is well with all of the other quietcitizens.

I thank you for starting this blog Louis, and I hope that some day you'll return from this hiatus on which you have gone...


louis, 18:19: #

i no longer appreciate the digital persona that i've developed, so i'm starting anew. to all who post here, thank you for making it a success. to all who read this, thank you for doing so. it's been fun.


louis, 14:57: #

a couple examples of how a site can be fool tools into thinking that a site is accessible when indeed it is not:


louis, 17:59: #

says christophe,

sciquest is just something to look at if you're

  1. bored
  2. a huge geek
  3. no really, you're a huge huge geek
  4. you've read all of the onion already (implicitly you're a geek)
not much to say about it, just kinda interesting stuff. stimulate the minds of the blog enabled.

louis, 17:02: #

andersen video:

"i get good advice, if you will, from their people based upon how we're doing business and how we're operating over and above the just sort of normal by-the-book auditing arrangement," mr. cheney says in a short section of the video.


louis, 23:06: #

the environmental working group's nuclear waste route atlas lets you see how close the proposed nuclear waste routes may come to any address in the united states. it's pretty stunning to realize that it might be within a couple miles of your home (1.6 miles, for me). now if that's not a reason to write to your senator, even with an optionally pre-filled letter, i don't know what is.


louis, 21:49: #

noah is back.


louis, 23:20: #

brian wilson:

so when i see the flag and think of the declaration of independence, instead of the united states of america, i see the united corporations of america; i see the blood and bones of people all over the globe who have been dehumanized, then exterminated by its imperialism; and i see a symbol that represents a monstrous lie maintained by excessive, deadly force. it makes me feel sick, and ashamed.



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