photos by louis bennett

reflection of a scene on reflective red sunglassesjess takes a photohunger walkersthe staema of a dogwood tree's flowerthe balcony over the pillars at ballou hallflowers over a porchpollen, all over a tulip's staemon and the heart of its petalspollen on staema of a daffodila small cloud in a blue skythe top floors of the prudential tower (black and white)a little orange petal protruding from a flowerthe tips of petals of a pink rosepetals of a pink roseyellow, white, and fuscia meet at the base of a flower's petalthe beginnings of flower petals -  yellow and fuscia and redstraps and what notaryn laughingdetail of the letter "B" on a candlethe lip of a glass-contained candlesnow on a flower petala stich of the wicked cool scarf that cindy made meyarn on the wicked cool scarf that cindy made melouis (black and white)the lit top of a building in boston's downtownear (out-of-focus)logo of intellieyecolorful clouds in the skyclip of batik by tembeunited states flagwindow on the first floor of ballou hall
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